Are you making the most out of your daily smoothie?

We take a look at ways to get the most out of your smoothie without it tasting like a cup of liquid kale...


Project Goddess smoothie bowl

The first ingredient is a protein powder or alternative. An alternative could include a tbs of activated almonds or a mix of sunflower & pumpkin seeds. When you consume protein the production of the gut hormone PYY increases, making you feel full & satisfied for longer. Protein also helps to stabilise your blood sugar and insulin levels & assists in repairing your muscles after a workout. 


Fruit contains a high variety of vitamins, minerals & fibre & will also make your smoothie taste delicious! Our favourite is banana and blueberries for added antioxidants! Another good one to try is pineapple & kiwi fruit for a tantalising tropical taste. 

Liquid base

Choose your liquid base. Our fav is coconut water but you could use milk, plain water, almond milk or coconut milk. Tip: Use less liquid and add some ice if you would like to turn your smoothie into a smoothie bowl! 


Throw in a handful of greens. Baby spinach is our favourite, it contains an excellent variety of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre! 


Every cell in your body is made up of fat & the health benefits are endless. Some benefits include improving cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation and the improved absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Increase your consumption of 'good' fats by adding 1 tbs of soaked chia seeds, 1 tbs flaxseed oil, 1/4 of an avocado or a tbs of natural peanut butter to your daily smoothie. 


Project Goddess and Naturally Neak Naturopthay smoothie powders

We have discovered two super smoothie powders to make sure you are getting the most out of your daily smoothie; 'Digest ease' & ‘ After Glow’. These Superfood Blends have been designed specifically to enhance your smoothie with whole food nutrition. The formulas have been developed by the founder of Naturally Neak Naturopathy, Tanika (absolute Goddess), using the naturopathic principle of food as medicine to heal your body from the inside out. Both Blends contain Glutamine, an amino acid that helps heal the digestive system, which in turn allows your body to absorb more nutrients from your diet. These blends are Vegan Friendly and are made using only the best ingredients, to make sure you are getting the most out of your daily smoothie! You can find these delicious blends here.

 Happy smoothie drinking, Goddesses! xx

Jessie Myers